Circling Taiwan Swirl Lotus Flower

2016-01-20 21.03.09

Hello every one, Thank you for visiting my blog

Youtube the making process:

The Cutting Process:

I used a grapefruit fragrance that speed up my trace. To this soap I added 3 more separators, I improvised with plastic cardboard.

I loved that at the end my soap looks like a lotus flower floating on water

:o)   It is a pleasure to participate in another challenge from GreatCakes Soapworks with all of you, I love to share and learn from all of you. Any questions or comments I’ll be  happy to answer them. Thank you and have a great day :o)

Impression Mat Soap

Soap Challenge DicHello :o)

To make this lavander Soap, I needed to make a silicon mold to fit in my slab wood soap mold.

I bought some individuals plastic table cloth. I found very different beautiful styles .



I used only the outside border, so I cuted:


I pasted over wax paper the design i was going to use. wich I am going to place in my slab wood soap mold, so I can later pour the silicon to create my mold.Before I poured the silicon I had to spray some alcohol on the plastic design so it  wouldn´t stick


The first time I tried the result wasn´t good because the design was not thick enough  so I had to use double plastic design.


20151221_204354_resized 20151221_204648_resized


Later this week I´m gonna upload the images of the silicon mold :o)… thank for the patience ;o)

Any questions I´ll be happy to answer them :o)

Thank you for visit me ;o) Have a beautiful day


Papaya Soap -Alternative Liquids Soap Challenge Club

2015-10-16 21.32.41

Hello everyone!

I´ts my first time making CP soap with fruits and with replace all the water with alternative liquids and all made natural, and I´m very happy with the results.

This soap is made with Cold Process method and replace 100% water in my lye solution with juice Papaya made in my blender and another with oatmel liquid puree made in the blender too.

 2015-10-16 21.43.23 2015-10-16 21.43.462015-10-16 21.42.40

I did not want to use any artificial colors, so I know a lot of benefits of that fruit and also papaya seeds , I keep the seeds and blended to colored the soap and make exfoliant and cleanser and remove skin sopt. After blend my fruit and oatmel I put in the freezer , that help me to conserve the natural color when I prepared my lye solution .. I had too make quickly because of temperature high when blending fruit puree  or any liquid solution with the lye.

Scent :  Essential Oil orange

2015-10-16 21.42.04 2015-10-16 21.41.21 2015-10-16 21.40.36 2015-10-16 21.33.32

Papaya soap skin whitening aims with regular use. Extract contains papain, which is a natural papaya enzyme promoting skin cell renewal. Exfoliates dead skin cells, removes old skin that could be damaged by the sun. This exposes the new cells, which are lighter in appearance.

Also can be recommended for Treatment for Acne

The soap exfoliates the skin and removes dead cells., reduce acne inflammation. It may not work with all types of acne, but it helps to unclog pores, removing dead skin cells. It also increases cell turnover, helping to soften the skin, which can help reduce the appearance of mild acne scars.

Skin renewal,  The enzymatic properties of papain help to improve the overall appearance of the skin exfoliation and cell renewal. It is a proteolytic enzyme that breaks down or digests other proteins, and is used to tenderize meat, according to the University of Georgia. It has soothing properties and accelerates cell renewal, giving the skin a fresher look.

Using Alternative Liquids (puree) in CP Soap

Why use oatmel in the soap :

Benefits using Papaya and Papaya sees in the soap:


Mantra Marbles Soap Challenge Club

2015-08-14 12.09.14

Hello,  I practice the three ways of making this matra marbles challenge , I’d divided my mold in three sections .

All of mantras marbles were made it with the same wood stick  and the colored sections with vertical pattern lines.

The first sections acrross the lines with a combo horizontally .. and then with a small combo vertically  and  then make the mantra  marble with the woid stick.

The second section just use the comb horizontal and then make the mantra marble .

The last one mos siimpke and for me .. my favorite … just with the wood stik  I draw the mantra marble .

This weekend I’m going to finish the video tutorial to show you  all the procedure.

Love for all of you ! And I wish all of us each chalkenge learn and share and enrich our soaping love  :0)

2015-08-14 12.04.18

2015-08-14 12.18.482015-08-14 12.21.172015-08-14 12.23.352015-08-14 12.24.072015-08-14 12.24.572015-08-14 12.25.342015-08-14 12.26.012015-08-14 12.26.33

I would of my uncolored  trace be more slowly … I think my essential oils quantity must be less … because it was difficult the colored half going into the uncolored half … I noticed how that part going and going harder faster thand the other :0/    the next time I made this technique I’m going to use or lees quatity of my  EO or diferrent blend

This time my EO were : lavander+orange and a touch of mint … what  did you think ?   When I uploaded my video .. maybe you can view  all the  process and help me :0)

Thank you very much to every one and have a great week !


Soap Challenge Club Embracing Opposites

2015-07-18 11.17.04 (1)

Hello everyone, I´m so happy to participate this month after a few busy months, but I´m here again.

Sorry because in this ocassion I was not able to make a video and upload more photos of the process of making te soap.
I created it using a log mold with a horizontal divider using plastic bags putting colors vertically ascending from the bottom to the top.

The story behind my soap: I was in a big hurry in this participation because it has been a crazy month, so finally, yesterday I decided start working in this project .

Between my brother visiting, who arrived without notice to say hello from Canada, my Little sister with her two children and my parents visiting me for an underdeteminated time and just reciving a divorce demand from my husband, I´m starting to recover my normal life and keep  looking at the bright side of everything.

Finally I gave myself the time to enjoy and share with all of you my art expressions with handmade soap ;o)   with this soap I want to show that you can choose how you want to live your life.. with hapiness or sadness.. I decide happiness. Love, Attitud and a big smile day by day makes the difference ;o)  see you soon :o)

Congratulations everyone!   I just saw a few of yours soap and everyone´s are really great !!   :o)

Youtube channel

20150717_210710 20150717_212809 2015-07-18 11.16.02 2015-07-18 11.17.04

YouTube Channel: My Youtube channel

Mini Dessert’s Soap Challenge


Hello everyone! :o)

This challenge has been a thoroughly enjoyable challenge, I had a lot of fun with what was undoubtedly up there with the most creatively challenging concepts that I have had the pleasure of working with.  :o)

I’ve done soap desserts before but never so so tiny like these.


Step 1:  I made the topping decorations with melted soap.  It was similar to rolling dough with your hands, waiting for it to get to the right temperature, for the right texture.

20150428_200456 20150428_200535


Step 2:  I prepared the ingredients with real food for the toppings, using lemon and orange zest.  Cinnamon and cocoa powder and seeds were also used.  I made another topping using oatmeal mixed with melted translucent soap, painted with gold colour base.

20150428_203224 20150428_203339

20150428_204003  20150428_210620 20150428_211359

Step 3:  I prepared my cold process recipe using coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil.  And with that soap base I made the soap using ice tray silicon moulds with approx. dimensions of 1.5×1.5cm.  For another design for the mini desserts (a rectangular cake), I used a cardboard cutout from old packaging.  And for the last design I used a real cooking silicon cupcake mould but a really small one.

2015-05-16 10.09.222015-05-16 10.08.282015-05-16 10.07.102015-05-16 10.05.582015-05-16 10.04.032015-05-16 10.02.00

20150515_092331 20150515_092335 20150515_092354 20150515_092404 20150515_091900

In the last picture you can see a ruler to compare the sizes of the mini desserts.  I’m super happy with how these turned out and if you would like any advice or help with these recipes please feel free to shoot me a message.

Have a great day!

Monica   :o)

Soap Challenge Club Butterfly Swirl (January) from Greatcakessoapworks

Enero challenge soap butterfly

Hello every one!  :o)  This month I made 3 bars of soap trying the Butterfly swirl, because it was christmas I made it with my niece Lucia and my sister Barbara. We had a great time sharing and waiting to cut the bar and see what we were  going to find there !   :o)   The most beautiful Butterfly is the one I made with my niece Lucia , she is very happy because she learn how to make soap and she is so proud because it’s easy to see a butterfly when we join together both of her bars.

This is the link with the tutorial video:


This is what we do:

Separate 2/3 parts of the recipe , it’s gonna be the main color (in this example is yellow)

1/3 part  is for the doers colors (in this case pink, blue and little black for the butterfly body)


First add one layer of the principal color and then add the other one following this pattern (leave a blank space on one side )

2015-01-21 15.07.252015-01-21 15.09.33

Once again with the main color (yellow) follow this pattern forming lines throughout the mold, after this add another bright color (blue) making “S” patterns or  make patterns freely

2015-01-21 15.11.452015-01-21 15.13.02

One again with the main color (yellow) throughout the mold with several lines, and then it’s VERY IMPORTANT  to just add one side the darkest color, its gonna be the butterfly body :o)

2015-01-21 15.16.002015-01-21 15.17.16

Cover superficially with the main color and it is swirl time!!! Insert the hanger superficially from one side to other and first make a small and superficial circle and make them wider and deeper every time (3 or 4 circles), when you are going to take off the hanger following an “S” pattern from bottom to top (large to small)

2015-01-21 15.18.222015-01-21 15.06.18

If you see the instructional video it’s gonna be easy to understand how you can make your own butterfly  swirl ;0)

Enero challenge soap butterfly IMG_7932 IMG_7919

In this photos we can see how important is to chose a solid color so the pattern will be easier to see  ;o)

Spoon / Chopstick Swirl Soap Challenge Club December Ocean Snails

Caracoles foto final



1) Making the Soap:  I’m picked my scent and colors  thinking in the sensation to be at the shore in the ocean and adding something lightly and fresh  Essential Oils: Lavanda, peppermint, pachouli with a touch of citric

Caracoles proceso 1

2) Putting into the mold

Caracoles proceso 2

3) Using a spoon for ocean water effect ;0)   rolling up and down following the waves movement

Caracoles proceso 3

4) Preparing Top :  The ocean shore !!!

Caracoles proceso 4

5) With the spoon creating seashore , sand , waves and ocean snails

Caracoles proceso 5

6) The next day the soap is ready !


7) The final result :o)