Soap Challenge Club Embracing Opposites

2015-07-18 11.17.04 (1)

Hello everyone, I´m so happy to participate this month after a few busy months, but I´m here again.

Sorry because in this ocassion I was not able to make a video and upload more photos of the process of making te soap.
I created it using a log mold with a horizontal divider using plastic bags putting colors vertically ascending from the bottom to the top.

The story behind my soap: I was in a big hurry in this participation because it has been a crazy month, so finally, yesterday I decided start working in this project .

Between my brother visiting, who arrived without notice to say hello from Canada, my Little sister with her two children and my parents visiting me for an underdeteminated time and just reciving a divorce demand from my husband, I´m starting to recover my normal life and keep  looking at the bright side of everything.

Finally I gave myself the time to enjoy and share with all of you my art expressions with handmade soap ;o)   with this soap I want to show that you can choose how you want to live your life.. with hapiness or sadness.. I decide happiness. Love, Attitud and a big smile day by day makes the difference ;o)  see you soon :o)

Congratulations everyone!   I just saw a few of yours soap and everyone´s are really great !!   :o)

Youtube channel

20150717_210710 20150717_212809 2015-07-18 11.16.02 2015-07-18 11.17.04

YouTube Channel: My Youtube channel


11 thoughts on “Soap Challenge Club Embracing Opposites

  1. Excellent, Monica!! You have definitely had more than your share of craziness – I applaud you for choosing happiness, even when it isn’t easy. Praying you will feel the support of your family!!

  2. :o) Thank you for those lovely wishes and prayings Amy.. and yes God and life is great with love, prayings and good wishes :o) and congratulations this month The Club have beautifull soaps :o) I love it ! Mine is very hurry but me and my children are happy with this “magic soap” ;o) that remember us smile .. it´s a great crazy idea :o)

  3. Life is crazy sometimes but isn’t it amazing how soaping can help us feel better? You have done your best and are back on your feet! As Cris said, keep smiling! And keep soaping! 🙂

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