Mantra Marbles Soap Challenge Club

2015-08-14 12.09.14

Hello,  I practice the three ways of making this matra marbles challenge , I’d divided my mold in three sections .

All of mantras marbles were made it with the same wood stick  and the colored sections with vertical pattern lines.

The first sections acrross the lines with a combo horizontally .. and then with a small combo vertically  and  then make the mantra  marble with the woid stick.

The second section just use the comb horizontal and then make the mantra marble .

The last one mos siimpke and for me .. my favorite … just with the wood stik  I draw the mantra marble .

This weekend I’m going to finish the video tutorial to show you  all the procedure.

Love for all of you ! And I wish all of us each chalkenge learn and share and enrich our soaping love  :0)

2015-08-14 12.04.18

2015-08-14 12.18.482015-08-14 12.21.172015-08-14 12.23.352015-08-14 12.24.072015-08-14 12.24.572015-08-14 12.25.342015-08-14 12.26.012015-08-14 12.26.33

I would of my uncolored  trace be more slowly … I think my essential oils quantity must be less … because it was difficult the colored half going into the uncolored half … I noticed how that part going and going harder faster thand the other :0/    the next time I made this technique I’m going to use or lees quatity of my  EO or diferrent blend

This time my EO were : lavander+orange and a touch of mint … what  did you think ?   When I uploaded my video .. maybe you can view  all the  process and help me :0)

Thank you very much to every one and have a great week !



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