Papaya Soap -Alternative Liquids Soap Challenge Club

2015-10-16 21.32.41

Hello everyone!

I´ts my first time making CP soap with fruits and with replace all the water with alternative liquids and all made natural, and I´m very happy with the results.

This soap is made with Cold Process method and replace 100% water in my lye solution with juice Papaya made in my blender and another with oatmel liquid puree made in the blender too.

 2015-10-16 21.43.23 2015-10-16 21.43.462015-10-16 21.42.40

I did not want to use any artificial colors, so I know a lot of benefits of that fruit and also papaya seeds , I keep the seeds and blended to colored the soap and make exfoliant and cleanser and remove skin sopt. After blend my fruit and oatmel I put in the freezer , that help me to conserve the natural color when I prepared my lye solution .. I had too make quickly because of temperature high when blending fruit puree  or any liquid solution with the lye.

Scent :  Essential Oil orange

2015-10-16 21.42.04 2015-10-16 21.41.21 2015-10-16 21.40.36 2015-10-16 21.33.32

Papaya soap skin whitening aims with regular use. Extract contains papain, which is a natural papaya enzyme promoting skin cell renewal. Exfoliates dead skin cells, removes old skin that could be damaged by the sun. This exposes the new cells, which are lighter in appearance.

Also can be recommended for Treatment for Acne

The soap exfoliates the skin and removes dead cells., reduce acne inflammation. It may not work with all types of acne, but it helps to unclog pores, removing dead skin cells. It also increases cell turnover, helping to soften the skin, which can help reduce the appearance of mild acne scars.

Skin renewal,  The enzymatic properties of papain help to improve the overall appearance of the skin exfoliation and cell renewal. It is a proteolytic enzyme that breaks down or digests other proteins, and is used to tenderize meat, according to the University of Georgia. It has soothing properties and accelerates cell renewal, giving the skin a fresher look.

Using Alternative Liquids (puree) in CP Soap

Why use oatmel in the soap :

Benefits using Papaya and Papaya sees in the soap:



16 thoughts on “Papaya Soap -Alternative Liquids Soap Challenge Club

    1. Thank you Natalia .. It’s my first time making CP soap with alternative liquid fruit technique .. But I learning soap making about 1 or 2 years ;0) .I read about papaya seeds benefits and there are amazing

  1. Fantastic soap, Monica! How is it that you consistently get faces in your designs?? 😉 Excellent research on the benefits of papaya – that’s a fruit that isn’t so plentiful in the U.S. but I’m glad to know about it!

  2. Qué lindo, Mónica! A mi también me encanta añadir fruta a los jabones, aunque nunca lo he hecho al 100% del volumen de líquido.

    1. Gracias Anna, pues este fué mi primera vez con frutas, ahora a ver que mas aprendemos acerca de la conservación, si hay cambios en el aroma o la apariencia con el tiempo :0) .. Asi que muy agradecida con lo que me puedas. Compartir ;0) .. que tengas bonita semana! Muy enriquecedor ver tanta variedad de jabones este mes. :0)

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