Impression Mat Soap

Soap Challenge DicHello :o)

To make this lavander Soap, I needed to make a silicon mold to fit in my slab wood soap mold.

I bought some individuals plastic table cloth. I found very different beautiful styles .



I used only the outside border, so I cuted:


I pasted over wax paper the design i was going to use. wich I am going to place in my slab wood soap mold, so I can later pour the silicon to create my mold.Before I poured the silicon I had to spray some alcohol on the plastic design so it  wouldn´t stick


The first time I tried the result wasn´t good because the design was not thick enough  so I had to use double plastic design.


20151221_204354_resized 20151221_204648_resized


Later this week I´m gonna upload the images of the silicon mold :o)… thank for the patience ;o)

Any questions I´ll be happy to answer them :o)

Thank you for visit me ;o) Have a beautiful day



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