Circling Taiwan Swirl Lotus Flower

2016-01-20 21.03.09

Hello every one, Thank you for visiting my blog

Youtube the making process:

The Cutting Process:

I used a grapefruit fragrance that speed up my trace. To this soap I added 3 more separators, I improvised with plastic cardboard.

I loved that at the end my soap looks like a lotus flower floating on water

:o)   It is a pleasure to participate in another challenge from GreatCakes Soapworks with all of you, I love to share and learn from all of you. Any questions or comments I’ll be  happy to answer them. Thank you and have a great day :o)


One thought on “Circling Taiwan Swirl Lotus Flower

  1. Really pretty, Monica!! The design came out differently because of the thicker trace, but I love how unique it is! Great color choice for the fragrance too! Hope it smells great since it gave you trouble. 🙂

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